Latest Articles in international education

StayQrious Launches World’s First Neo-School


The concept of Neo-School is to make international-standard education accessible to all.

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2021- The Building Block Of International Higher Education In 2022

Although the current administration is putting out the welcome mat for international students, the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic has made it challenging to turn the tide.

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IDP Launches App To Fast Track Students International Education

IDP Live, a new app to help students fast-track their international education

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LPU Sends Students Abroad On 100% Scholarship

Lovely Professional University to send 150 Students abroad on 100 per cent Scholarship under Semester Abroad Program.

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Yocket To Organize Virtual Meet-up To Help Undergraduate Students Study Abroad

The main objective of this 7th virtual meetup is students will get to network with their dream universities via 1:1 sessions with the university spokesperson.

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Estonia, The New Education Hub For Indian Students

Indian students can now look at Estonia in EU as a new hub to get an international qualification.

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