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Hospitality And Sustainability

While the pandemic has left a significant impact on the hospitality industry. EHL Group discusses how they were not deterred from their goal of sustainability in education and management. Proving that caring for people will always be the number one objective to this industry.

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Need For A Comprehensive Education Ecosystem

The purpose of education is to help people understand the power of the human mind and recognize that technology will play an important role as a subservient tool.

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Importance Of Empowering Educators Through Technology

"It's not just recognition, teachers are contributors, they need a platform to share their work"

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Access To Education In Remotest Villages Through Digital Learning Will Also Become Common: Suresh Goyal, Bright tutee


In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Suresh Goyal, Co-founder, Bright tutee, discussed the firm and more.

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Digital Learning System Is Going To Be The Key Driver Of The Educational Framework: Asheesh Gupta, JKLU

In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Asheesh Gupta, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University, talks about the institution and more.

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There Will Be More Empathy In The Way People Approach Education: Dr Anunaya Chaubey, ANU

In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Dr Anunaya Chaubey, Provost of Anant National University, talks about the institution and it's approach to fight with COVID-19.

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A Lot of New Opportunities Are Coming Up in Indian Legal Domain: Dr. Avinash Dadhich

In an interaction with BW Education, Prof. Dr. Avinash Dadhich, Principal Designate & Associate Dean, IFIM Law School shared the college’s present achievements as well as future plans. Dr Dadhich’s areas of specialization are Global Competition Law, European Union Law, Global Anti-Corruption/Fraud Law (FCPA & UKBA), and Law / Regulation of AI / Robotics.

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