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Why Skills Training Is The Need Of The Hour?

Educational institutions and the industry must join hands with the support of the Government to create a holistic eco-system where skills can be developed, nurtured and honed.

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Dynamic Changes And Upcoming Trends In EdTech World

With AI, ML and the IoT as the biggest educational technology trends of 2019, remote learning has become one of the popular trends of today.

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New Industry-Academia Program In India To Collaborate With Engineering Students On AI, IoT, 5G Launched

Each project will be taken up by a team of three students and one professor, with a mentor from SRI-B who will guide and train them, and conduct regular reviews.

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Smartron Collaborates With University Of Southern California’s Center For Human Applied Reasoning & IoT (CHARIOT)

In an interview with BW Education, Mr Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman, Smartron, talks about collaborating with University of Southern California and contributing to the field of education.

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