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Path Less Travelled: Promising Career In Liberal Arts

Let us examine some of the aspects of a career in the field of Liberal Arts.

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Liberal Arts: New Gateway To Success

In liberal arts degree program, the emphasis is placed on encouraging students to apply, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize available information.

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Who Should Opt For Liberal Arts?

Traditional liberal arts disciplines such as Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Literature, History are undergoing massive changes in their way of doing things in light of the computation and data revolution. Their practitioners are employing new technologies to better understand, explain, and intervene in society. The rise of the internet has brought in new forms of labour, production, and capital supply while upending traditional economic models.

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Liberal Arts Week At JK Lakshmipat University Concludes On A Successful Note

The Liberal Art Week 2019 was designed to give a holistic learning experience to students and were open to final year undergrad, masters and PhD students from all disciplines, from any university to opt for.

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Liberal Education: Changing Mindsets In Education

Liberal Education is a concept which is based on the principle that “minds are like parachutes; they function best when open!” Liberal Education, therefore, is expected to open young minds, body, and souls of the young ones in graduate arts and science colleges, and even higher education.

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Think, Speak And Write Freely To Foster A Spirit Of Curiosity And Learning

Prof Sujata Shahi, Vice Chancellor IILM University Gurugram speaks to BW Education's Waqar Ahmed Fahad regarding some key issues related to Indian academic space.

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A Liberal Arts Degree Is Not Only Meant For One Job – It Is Meant For Any Job

Liberal Arts can also be the future as it prepares them for any job as it gives them the required foundation skills that they will need across sectors.

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Liberal Arts Is Creating Solid Foundation For Future Global Leaders

Liberal Arts education believes in educating students for life by giving them the fundamental tools and techniques, borrowed from multiple disciplines that can be used in any stream of human endeavor.

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“Private Schools Abroad Have More Freedom”: Executive Director, CIS


In an email interview with BW Education, Shweta Sastri, Executive Director at Canadian International School talks about innovative teaching methods and how technology can no longer be boycotted in the Indian Education sector:

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