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5 Reasons Why You Need Liberal Arts Education

Liberal arts education follows an interdisciplinary approach to learning, integrating different areas of study and exposing students to a wide array of subjects.

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Who Should Opt For Liberal Arts?

Traditional liberal arts disciplines such as Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Literature, History are undergoing massive changes in their way of doing things in light of the computation and data revolution. Their practitioners are employing new technologies to better understand, explain, and intervene in society. The rise of the internet has brought in new forms of labour, production, and capital supply while upending traditional economic models.

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Liberal Arts Week At JK Lakshmipat University Concludes On A Successful Note

The Liberal Art Week 2019 was designed to give a holistic learning experience to students and were open to final year undergrad, masters and PhD students from all disciplines, from any university to opt for.

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Liberal Education: Changing Mindsets In Education

Liberal Education is a concept which is based on the principle that “minds are like parachutes; they function best when open!” Liberal Education, therefore, is expected to open young minds, body, and souls of the young ones in graduate arts and science colleges, and even higher education.

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Liberal Arts Important To College Education

The democratization of education coupled with the exigencies of economic survival has necessitated training in specific practical skills to secure one’s future.

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Liberal Arts: Not An Education For Employment, But An Education For Life

A liberal arts education serves as a catalyst for the pursuit of knowledge in a non-linear fashion, and the academic insight to guide you through the multiple dimensions of every situation. It teaches you how to question, analyse and critique and that interpretation is more integral than acceptance of facts

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