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Bridging The Gap With Medical Science

Workshop on Innovations in proctology and a live demonstrative programme held at Godrej Memorial Hospital

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Digital University And The B-School

Experts discuss the merits and limitations of the digitalisation of education in the MBA classroom

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Developing Entrepreneurial Skills Online

Building social capital, peer-to-peer learning and physical classes are crucial to management education, say experts

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Four Tips To Increase Student Engagement In Hybrid Learning

Students were also more likely to select learning resources based on peer recommendation rather than teaching staff and more engagement tips.

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67% Students Find It Easy To Seek Teachers’ Help During Study-From-Home | Survey

Brainly survey sheds light on the evolved teacher-pupil bond in the wake of the pandemic-induced shift to study from home

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70% Schools Have Adopted Online Classes, 86% Schools Embrace Digitisation | Survey


With a sample size of 1000 schools, ISFC gives insights around online capability as well as content delivery, fee collection, teacher retrenchment, fee financing, and reopening schedules.

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How Is Online Learning Useful?

International learning is also available in the virtual learning process.

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