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A Foreign Masters In Public Policy Is Not A Great Idea Anymore

Public policy and governance education should happen in a country’s local context.

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Public Policy Professionals: Drivers Of Change In Society

Mr. Luis Miranda, Governing Council Member of ISPP and Chairperson, Centre for Civil Society, and Dr. Parth Shah, Governing Council Member of ISPP and President, Centre for Civil Society speak to BW Education on the formation of first Public Policy School of India

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Indian School Of Public Policy Launched By Industry, Academia And Former Policy-Makers

The Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP), the country’s first school of public policy that is focused on design and management of institutions and rules that govern society was launched by former-policy makers, industry-leaders, philanthropists and eminent academicians today

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IIM Bangalore Holds Public Policy Conference On ‘Inclusion And Exclusion

IIM Bangalore takes Public Policy Conference on ‘Inclusion & Exclusion: Policy & Practice’ to the national capital and energizes networks that can bring about change

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Career And Job Outlook In Public Policy Sector

Although it is relatively new in India, public policy courses are increasingly becoming popular. Earlier, it used to be only mid-career civil servants getting enrolled in public policy courses.

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