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Is Realty The New Hub Of Opportunities For Aspiring Professionals?

Post pandemic paradigm shift has opened gates for skilled people from different industries, providing them with an opportunity to grow in one of India’s largest sectors.

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Preparing For A Career In Real Estate Management

The ever-changing nature of the real estate industry has created and continues to create employment and career opportunities.

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HSNC University Launches MBA In Real Estate

2 years MBA in Real Estate at NHSRE will open opportunities for students in disciplines like Economics, Law, Management, Marketing, Finance and Engineering in addition to the core of the Real Estate sector. NHSRE will provide placement to students graduating with the degree.

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Definite Appoints Szymon Duda And Yann R. Deschamps To Board

SzymonDuda has experience of more than three decades in Real Estate Development. Yann R. Deschamps possesses more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Real Estate.

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5 Tips To Prepare Yourself Before Starting A Career In Real Estate

Here are a few tips that will guide you well to the goal of a successful career in the real estate sector.

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Real Estate Common Career Myths And Tips to Begin

The perception is mainly because of the common myths around the sector. So let’s debunk those myths step by step and open up the arena of opportunities, this unconventional sector can provide.  

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