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Non-IT Professionals Learning Analytics To Save Their Career

Technology and IT companies, given their relative comfort with technologies have been early adopters and have derived maximum benefit from them

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Nearly 40% Future Jobs In India Will Demand Different Skill Sets

The internet and exponential technologies are creating new employment opportunities in the areas of ‘white-collar’ working

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Skill Development To Ensure Green Buildings

The need of the hour, structured education to fill gaps in the skilled labor market

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“We will work mutually for skill enhancement”

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of free education, one of the most important policy changes since the foundation of Ireland. Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation, John Halligan spoke to Sreerupa Sil on variety of issues ranging from the purpose of his visit to the skills that Ireland could help inculcate in Indian workforce.

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Language Studies at Undergrad Level: Scope and Options Available

Learning a foreign language is necessary to work effectively. Which languages must you go for? Which are the best places to study?

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Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication are the most important of skills, tells Dr. Mel Bull, Principal Lecturer and Programme Lead for the MBA, Sheffield Hallam University

All students will leave university with ‘knowledge’. But what's equally important is developing skills in emotional intelligence and effective communication which prepare students to respond to different dynamics, challenges and opportunities in their careers, tells Dr. Mel Bull

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