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Significance Of Social Media For Design Professionals

Social media has disrupted the design landscape by allowing a flow of information like never before.

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Delhi: Govt School Students To Get Lessons On Responsible Use Of Social Media


As per the plan, a total of 52 sessions will be held online for addressing 7.3 lakh students from classes 9 to 12 of 13 districts (136 clusters) in Delhi.

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Connectivity And Social Media Are Rapidly Changing The World Of Education: Vinod Gupta, VG Learning Destination

In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Vinod Gupta, Managing Director, VG Learning Destination, spoke about the institution and more.

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Five Steps For Students To Leverage Social Media For Enhancing Design Portfolio

You need to focus on not only the content of the portfolio but also on the manner in which you are going to exhibit your portfolio on social media.

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How To Maintain Discipline In Online Learning Environment

To make the most of an online learning environment, students must work on their self-discipline.

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Social Media Influences Opinions And Attitudes Of Majority School Students: Fortis Study

More than 92 per cent agreed that social media is a conducive platform to spread positive narration about mental health.

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‘Going Back To School’: The Need For Real-World Executive Education

Executive Education is the need of the hour, to cultivate effective leadership which is equipped with the knowledge and skills to address real-world global issues. What’s exceptionally important is a hands-on learning experience that is in sync with the aspirations of the participants and their competencies.

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Management degree opens unconventional career choices

An MBA may lead you to a successful career path, but walk the path less tread if you want to go beyond the qualification

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