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Are EdTech Start-Ups Changing The Indian Education System For Good?

Technology is transforming both, teaching and learning, with emphasis on changing how teachers and students gather, access, analyse, present and transmit information. Here is a look at some of these novelties.

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Making Entrepreneurship Your Destined Vocation

You would still have to convince potential investors of the viability of your plans, especially, if you have no prior business experience but it pays to explore all the options for sourcing of funds you can tap.

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IIT Delhi Promote Students To Open Start-Ups Instead Of Thesis

To achieve this, students will be provided a monthly compensation “at par with the industry salary”

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Here Are Different Start-ups Which Can Act As A Teacher For Your Child


Education is the ultimate goal of every parent for their children in India. Some of the start-ups in the industry which aims to provide better coaching for kids to develop their creative minds. With the technological advancements, kids are also more likely using it for their studies

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