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PM Panel On Science And Technology Innovation Identifies 9 National Missions

A high-powered advisory panel formed by the Modi government has identified nine national missions, including applications of artificial intelligence, that aim to address major scientific challenges to ensure India’s sustainable development, a senior official said Wednesday.

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Time To Unravel The Future Of Education

Over the next five crucial years, the professional sphere and the education industry need to work in tandem and strengthen the talent in our country. Our education system is at a juncture where it must realign the industry talent needs and empower learners to emerge into capable professionals. A synergy between industry and academia based on a careful understanding of industry talent requirement will shape the future of education and put India back on the education world map.

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Future Of Engineering And Education

The engineering education in India is at the crossroads today. It’s a chance to take the country on the next high growth trajectory by having the right manpower. Students need to ensure they are industry-ready by the end of their programme.

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