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IIT Madras Researchers Discover New Component To Effectively Split Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen Using Solar Power

This research paper has been published in the reputed peer-reviewed chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

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IIT Mandi Researchers Design New Photocatalyst That Can Generate Hydrogen While Simultaneously Removing The Pollutants From Water Using Sunlight

Researchers have designed a series of novel and multifunctional nanocomposite photocatalysts by coupling mesocrystals of calcium titanate with edge sulfur atoms enriched molybdenum disulfide and reduced graphene oxide.

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5 Living Elements To Start Your Climate Change Fight At Home

If we look into our daily lives, there is an enormous amount of natural resources available for free. Our human tendency makes us care for only those things which are lifestyle trending with price tags attached such as, mineral water bottles, air purifiers, organic vegetables and fruits, etc. But we always ignore five critical elements i.e. Water, Waste, Energy, Food and House in our day to day lifestyle habits.

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