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Twitter And Whatapp Help Build Human Infrastructures Of Social Support

Venkata Ratnadeep Suri (Faculty, IIIT-Delhi) recently participated in a program broadcast on BBC Radio 4, conducted as part of the series ‘The Digital Human’. The program hosted by Aleks Krotoski talks about ordinary people who’ve stepped up to save lives during India's second wave of COVID-19.

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NSDC And WhatsApp Launch ‘Digital Skill Champions Program’

The program aims to fuel skill development and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth

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YuWaah And UNICEF Collaborates To Provide 21st-century Skills To Young People Through WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger

A chat-based platform, funDoo, has been developed on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that aims to enable young learners to skill themselves and face a rapidly changing world.

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In Haryana, Students Can Enroll In Class XI Through Whatsapp


As per the official release of the Haryana Chief Minister's Office (CMO), the decision is taken in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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