‘Analytical ability, Social skills are must for students’

Director of IIM, Ahmedabad, Ashish Nanda's interview with BW Businessworld’s Sreerupa Sil

Q: What is the purpose of education?

Education can be perceived in two ways- one way is acquiring knowledge from outside and the other way is inside-out.It is flowering of your potential which is inside you-- understanding it, and nurturing it, giving into the fullest expression possible. Education. I would say is learning about the environment and more so of about yourself, so as to give your potential the best expression possible. Education is more about learning than teaching.

Q: What kind of facilitation, kind of initiative should be taken out so that faculties are more in the learning process? 

Opportunities should be developed through experimentation, exploration and enquiry. People should learn about the world.Modern Maths don’t tell people how to calculate.Children understand it hands on how multiplication is actually a repeated addition function through various kinds of experiments.

Q:A lot of private universities are mushrooming,what do you think is the role of private universities?

The size of the Indian population, economy, its growth rate, demography, does not match to the number of higher educational institutes that currently exists. There is an enormous need of higher educational institutes in India particularly in the next several years. As the economy will continues to blossom, increasing number of young people will join the workforce.

Q:In the coming years,what kind of management courses should be taken up by the private or public universities?

Management courses that strike a balance between intellectual and academic will be in demand. It should equip them with professional skills. Right now emerging trends are of greater importance in digital especially characterized by the rapid transformation in needs.Another emerging trend is balancing various service industries against market demand.However, there must be a mechanism of quality control.

Q:What should be the method of quality control? 

Ranking does not create competition for quality.There should be at least one impartial rating agency for academic institution. My personal view is we should actually go for rating and not ranking. Ranking in away creates a differentiating system and a fight for reaching the first position.Q:What are the skills management students should develop in them-selves?Firstly, analytical ability to be able to analyze complexities. The second most important skill set is social such as presentation of self,communication, negotiations, managing inter-personal relationship are some of the very critical skills of today. Skills those are decision-oriented or action-oriented are important to manage leaders or even to be-com one. How to get people moving in a particular direction,lead a movement,persuade others . In crux, three types of skills that you need to have when you go into the work-force- analytical ability, social skills and leadership skills.

This article was published in BW Education issue dated 'April 7, 2017' with cover story titled 'BW Education Inaugural Issue April-May 2017'

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