Bob And Bini Prepares Pre-Primary Students

S Chand Publishing to revolutionise education with the launch of the solid steps programme for grades K-5, Bob and Bini for pre-primary and S Chand's headlights for key subjects

S Chand Publishing is set to launch its educational programmes to revolutionise the learning environment for foundation and preparatory school children with the goals of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023 and the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and aiming to redefine the learning experience for all ages, fostering comprehensive, engaging and impactful education. 


Bob and Bini: Nurturing Pre-Primary Minds  

S Chand introduces Bob and Bini, a series of pre-primary textbooks designed to promote early education, development and curiosity. 

Following a thematic approach and incorporating all five domains of NCF 2023. 


Solid Steps Curriculum: Ignite, Explore, Excel  

The Solid Steps curriculum, designed to align with NEP 2020 and NCF 2023, emphasises foundational literacy and numeracy skills, incorporating activity-based and play-based learning.  

It covers subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics and Art and Crafts for K-5 students. 


S Chand's Headlights: Focused Learning for Key Subjects  

S Chand's Headlights offers in-depth coverage of key subjects like English, Mathematics, General Awareness, World around us and Hindi for grades 1-5. 

Promoting academic excellence. 

“Our dedication to improving Indian education as a collective is exemplified by the range of resources that are included in S Chand's headlights, Bob and Bini and the Solid steps programme. These programmes represent a paradigm change in the field of education. Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, character and fundamental 21st-century skills they will need to succeed in the future”, Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director, S Chand Group, said.  


“I am pleased to announce that our growth will be accelerated by our strategic investments in creating cutting-edge new products, which will also strengthen our financial stability. Our focus on creating innovative new print and digital services, along with our dedication to providing high-quality educational content, demonstrate our commitment to remaining at the forefront of educational innovation. We are thrilled with the new items we are introducing to the market and anticipate how well they will change the face of education”, Saurabh Mittal, CFO, S Chand and Company, said.  


“Bob and Bini, S Chand's Headlights and our Solid Steps Programme, all exemplify our dedication to transforming education. They are made to go beyond conventional limits and fit in perfectly with NEP 2020 and NCF 2023. We support students' entire growth in addition to their academic success”, Jitendra Agnihotri, Business Head, said.  


The Solid Steps Programme, Bob and Bini series and S Chand's headlights provide educational resources like interactive coursebooks, teacher apps, digital content, assessment portal and professional development sessions. 

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