'Sunstone' Bridging The Skill-Set Gap

Exclusive interaction of Ashish Munjal, CEO and Co-founder, Sunstone Eduversity with BW.

How is Sunstone creating industry ready professionals?

Sunstone is an academic institution that ties up with  AICTE approved colleges and runs their PGDM program. The program is designed and managed by the industry. Students at Sunstone are imparted with the desired skill sets that are in sync with the corporate environment and are given practical training on various corporate domains that exist in an organization. The program delivery works on a unique pedagogy using the latest technology for curriculum delivery. The 2-year duration of the PGDM  includes a 9 month long paid internship. The students benefit from the internship through hands-on job experience that allows them to be productive when they join an organization. The PGDM course is robust, dynamic and continuously updated as industry requirements change and evolve. 

How is Sunstone providing industry synced courses to management colleges?

Sunstone partners with various colleges to run an industry-oriented AICTE approved PGDM program that caters to the ever-changing needs of industry and prepares students on various practical aspects of the corporate world. Sunstone has a rich advisory board which is comprised of individuals working with various corporate such as ICICI, Walt Disney, HealthKart etc who help design the curriculum. For example, the insurance elective in the PGDM program is designed with the help of various banks. Hence, these individuals  anticipate what the employers need from the employees in the present day scenario to work on and accordingly help update the curriculum regularly. 

What is the current scenario of management industry currently?

According to the data from AICTE only 37% of MBA graduates across India are placed! Students who graduate from the top 100 colleges are employable. Whereas the remaining lot, which comprises of students who graduate from the other 3900 colleges are not taught the right skill sets and the education quality in general is low. The curriculum taught in most of these MBA colleges is mainly theoretical and hasn’t been updated for years. For example, some of the MBA colleges still teach VAT whereas the economy has now gravitated towards the GST model. 

Why there is a gap between jobs and the training curriculum that students are studying in the colleges 

The reason for the gap between the jobs available and training curriculum is primarily because of the fact that most of the students who graduate from the lesser known colleges are not taught the desired skill sets that make them industry ready! As we already know that MBA curriculum is not regularly updated and hence the students are  unaware of the latest technologies available. For example, using the Google Suite is a prerequisite for any managerial position, but this is not taught at an MBA institute, also institutes do not work with students when it comes to developing certain soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, team dynamics etc.  Hence these students struggle when it comes to finding suitable jobs and many remain unemployable.

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