#Teachersmatter Campaign To Recognise Teachers

#TeachersMatter is an attempt to bring the impact & hard work of teachers under the light for everything they do, every single day

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Suraasa, India’s teacher upskilling platform, is here to celebrate this idea with their campaign - #TeachersMatter.

As per the brand, over the couple of decades; the benefits that came with the teaching profession earlier–be it respect, remuneration, recognition or rewards—have been altered drastically. People, especially youngsters, assume that teaching is an easy, non-challenging job, placing it at the bottom of the career choice funnel. The campaign is an attempt to place teaching as the mainstream profession that significantly matters in the society. It urges people to recognise teachers as our hope of a better future. 

Initially, the brand released a teaser on Teachers’ Day itself to highlight their core thought: Teachers Matter not just on teachers’ day, but everyday. They shared that they are seeing growing traction and love for the video on all platforms alike. The video has garnered 200k views on YouTube so far.

The launch video of the campaign, which was released on September 12, features accomplished professionals from people in 20s to people in their 60s answering a simple yet very thought provoking question - 'Do teachers really matter?'.  The video ends with a tribute to teachers. It brings out an emotion that whether you are an entrepreneur, tech expert, artist or even an exceptional sportsperson, everyone who has ever had a teacher has experienced the magical impact they create.

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