1M1B, Meta Launches Digital Nagrik Movement

1M1B partners with Meta Platform Inc to launch the Digital Nagrik movement; a teacher-led pledge movement to develop active and safe digital citizens in India

1M1B (One Million for One Billion) has launched the Digital Nagrik Campaign led by teachers and academic advisors managed by 1M1B supported by Meta Platforms Inc. 1M1B is the official supporter of Safer Internet Day and the campaign is part of Meta’s Digital Suraksha, a campaign that aims to build safer and inclusive internet. Digital Nagrik will develop a community of responsible digital citizens who are aware of their digital rights and obligations. The Digital Nagrik pledges will be available starting February 7 on Safer Internet Day and can be signed here.

Digital Nagrik is the outcome of the Digital Citizenship skills curriculum that has been introduced for grades 6-8 developed by CBSE teachers managed by 1M1B and supported by Meta with the aim to empower over 1 million teachers and 10 million students across India. The digital citizenship courses cover topics such as digital etiquette, cyber security, cyberbullying, information literacy, using the internet for social good, and the future of our digital world, including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR/VR), and the metaverse. The curriculum is intended to help teachers of all subjects and grades understand and train their students to be responsible digital citizens. 1M1B has already engaged over 4 lakh teachers and 11 lakh students on Digital Citizenship, well-being, and Cyber Safety and plans to engage over 1 million people through the Digital Nagrik pledge this year.

"We all must take the responsibility to create an inclusive and safe internet. 1M1B has launched the Digital Nagrik Campaign to educate and create awareness about netiquette among the youth," said Manav Subodh, Founder of 1M1B. 

Digital Nagrik campaign will be implemented by 1M1B in partnership with various regulatory bodies, ministries, colleges, and schools to increase outreach. Celebrities from the sports and entertainment industries will also take the Digital Nagrik pledge and create awareness among its supporters.

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