5 Ways In Which Creative Start-ups Help Children Reach The Right Career Pathways During The Pandemic

The situation presently demands strong support from technology-powered solutions to help children navigate through the right pathways and reach the most suitable career destination.

Every day in the twenty-first century seems like it is in a race with the previous day and time to establish the VUCA nature globally. VUCA accounts for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity; and COVID-19 has been acting as a catalyst for the same nature, triggering trends and considerable changes.  

Even though a lot of verticals are affected but career streams are one segment which is seeing the drastic impact of VUCA nature lately. The situation presently demands strong support from technology-powered solutions to help children navigate through the right pathways and reach the most suitable career destination.  

Some of the start-ups in India are working on similar lines and intend to support families in the journey of guiding the children in making an informed career choice. The start-ups generally adopt 5 ways as a means of support: 

  1. Introducing to various career options

As per a report by the first career ecosystem for parents, Lifology, an average child or parent in India is not aware of a majority of career options except the conventional ones such as engineering, law or chartered accountancy. This further acts as a barrier for the students to explore the right career path in the new world, as one cannot opt what they aren't aware of in the first place.

Thus, some of the responsible start-ups in India are leveraging technologies such as augmented reality and high-end visual effects to provide exposure to children and parents, leading them to suitable career tracks that provide considerable opportunities.  

  1. Assessing career fitment and personality  

In order to be successful in career, reaching the right place that further resonates with one's passion, personality and future possibilities is very important. There are promising organisations using psychometric assessments to help children understand their passion, personality and thus map fitment with various career tracks around. These assessments help parents and children to make informed career decisions. Even if they wish to pursue careers having less fitment with personality, it can stand as an informed decision. A very few of the start-ups are using cutting-edge algorithms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to make this process accurate.   

  1. Connecting to the best career coaches  

Career Coaches are people who are trained in the process of helping others make the right decisions related to education and career. Just like a sports enthusiast/ person needs a coach, families in the new age also require some mentoring to choose what suits them the best, therefore the role of a career coach in the network. Life coaches help in guiding children to make an informed decision about their career which suits their potential the best. Thus, a handful of start-ups in India are training, deploying and connecting such coaches with children and families to change the face of their future for good.  

  1. Facilitating scholarships  

Financial support and funding is an essential aspect to shape children's educational paths and careers. Therefore, some of the startups in India are understanding its significance and leveraging CSR funds, corporate sponsorships and various other sources, as they support children with ample scholarships. They use blended methods to choose the most suitable beneficiaries for each scholarship.   

  1. Empowering parents to guide children   

In a country where parents play a great role in the life of children, the success of leading them to the right career would be possible only through empowering parents to become the most trusted advisors to their children. Fusing the measures mentioned above and using the power of modern technology, the start-ups are also focusing on supporting parents to be career gurus in the twenty-first century.   

Edu-tech in India might be at its initial stage but it is growing by the day to reach higher levels of success as it helps students to match pace with others globally. The vertical still has a long way to travel ahead so we can surely expect that more comprehensive solutions powered by cutting edge technologies will be introduced, further adding value to the industry and shaping careers for a successful future.  

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