67% Students Find It Easy To Seek Teachers’ Help During Study-From-Home | Survey

Brainly survey sheds light on the evolved teacher-pupil bond in the wake of the pandemic-induced shift to study from home

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Through its latest survey commissioned on the occasion of World Teacher’s Day, Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform, has examined the evolved role of teachers in the online learning scenario and how the students are adapting to the change. The key highlights from the survey include:

Indian students feel that online learning has bridged the communication gap with their teachers

The abrupt locking-down of brick-and-mortar schools and the near-immediate shift to the online mode of learning last year raised some concerns about the classroom experience of students and teachers in the new normal. Would virtual interactions be as effective as in-person interactions? How would students react to the new study-from-home paradigm? Would it affect their academic performance? Solving such concerns, Brainly’s latest survey has found that a significant 67 per cent of students feel that online learning has made it easy to connect with their teachers as and when required.

To adapt to the online learning scenario both teachers and students have had to contend with certain changes in lifestyle, schedule, and the methods and means of teaching and learning, respectively. It is no wonder then that 48 per cent of students have sensed a difference in the teaching style of educators during online classes. Some of these changes reflect in the evolved teacher-student relationship, in part driven by the teachers having to exercise more patience, understanding, and empathy with their students. Aligned with this development, 43 per cent of respondents feel that teachers have become more approachable in solving academic problems than they were previously. Not only are Indian students having an easy time reaching out to their teachers but are also feeling comfortable sharing their queries at different hours of the day.

More students are engaging with their teachers beyond academic learning

Besides actively approaching their teachers for solving their academic problems, a majority (72 per cent) of students are connecting with their teachers for extra-curricular engagement. This is an increase from last year where only 57 per cent approached their teachers beyond seeking academic help. From sharing book recommendations to suggesting new online learning platforms, both teachers and students are exploring different forms of learning, engaging with new information, and growing in their educational journeys together.

More students are asking their teachers for career guidance 

Against the backdrop of the post-pandemic industrial landscape, the survey found that 70 per cent of Indian students are seeking career guidance from their teachers. This is a 13 per cent increase from last year’s finding. From exploring new interest areas to weighing new educational opportunities, students are actively looking up to their teachers for mentorship. 

Speaking on the survey results, Rajesh Bysani, Chief Product Officer at Brainly, commented, “Although online learning became the only mode of education during the pandemic, it is here to stay and complement the overall in-classroom learning experience for both students and educators for the foreseeable future. The survey notes that 72 per cent of students are excited to return to schools and carry forward their learning in a more enhanced manner.”

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