80% Data Scientists Struggle With Real-World Datasets Despite Training | Survey

Scaler Academy introduces an outcome-focused Data Science & Machine Learning program based on research conducted with over 100+ data scientists working in the top 50 tech companies globally.

Scaler Academy, a leading ed-tech start-up for upskilling students and working professionals, today announced their new program for engineers looking to get specialised in Data Science and Machine Learning. The course is called Scaler Data Science & ML. It has been developed based on insights from a survey conducted by Scaler with over 100 data scientists working with the top 50 tech and product companies globally.

According to the survey conducted by Scaler Academy:

  1. More than 95 per cent of respondents highlighted the need for Data Scientists to solve open-ended business problems. However, most other courses available offline & online tend to focus only on teaching how to optimise the accuracy of algorithms rather than how to impact the business positively.
  2. Over 80 per cent of respondents shared that they struggled initially because the datasets that a data scientist works within the real world are massive and fragmented, non-standard, messy, and sometimes incomplete. 
  3. 50 per cent of respondents admitted that they struggle to understand research papers. Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are rapidly evolving fields, and new research reports are being published constantly.

To address these demands from software professionals, Scaler Academy has curated the Scaler Data Science & ML course to allow every learner to have an in-depth and hands-on learning experience:

  • Experts from McKinsey and Bain have helped in designing a curriculum to teach product and strategy. The business curriculum is integrated seamlessly into all projects.
  • Students will get practical experience in identifying Data Science & Machine Learning problems in real-life business problems. The business cases will span multiple industries such as logistics, biotech, entertainment, health, finance, and e-commerce. These projects will be built in association with Scaler's partner companies to enable learners to work on actual problem statements and tackle messy or complicated datasets.
  • Scaler Data Science & ML learners will also learn how to read and absorb research papers. Scaler will also aid learners in case they want to write and publish research reports of their own. 

Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-Founder, InterviewBit & Scaler Academy said, "We have run the course by leaders across multiple companies, and they have validated our research findings and the curriculum. All of them and our existing partner companies that have already hired 2000+ Scaler Academy learners have expressed sincere eagerness to hire talent produced through this program. We strongly believe our program will enable engineers to build a sustainable and successful career in the Data Science and Machine Learning space"


Survey Methodology: Scaler Academy surveyed 100+ participants from 50 top tech global companies. The respondents were in the age group of 25 and 35. 80 per cent of the respondents were men, and 20 per cent were women. 90 per cent of the respondents are based in India. The rest 10 per cent work at international locations, primarily the USA and Singapore. India based respondents reside in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR & Kolkata.

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