A Wonderful Career Hidden In Flavors

Nowadays chefs are developing as glamorous personalities and money changers. Read below the scope, career prospect, educational qualifications, and other important details to be successful in this field.

A Spanish proverb is that it is the stomach which reigns over the mind. Yes, whenever you are hungry or crave for some delicious foods, the only thing that will capture your mind at that time is food and more food.

Prior to this, people had no choice but to wait for wedding parties to taste their favorite food items. But, nowadays, they can enjoy their favorite food any day, just by going to their favorite restaurant.

Cooking was seen as a daily work or activity a few years ago, but nowadays this trend is changing. Yes, now it is considered an art and many young people show an interest in mastering this art. Earlier, chef's jobs were not considered to be a highly respected job. But, now there is unmatched demand for people specializing in the cooking and development of the hotel and restaurant industry.

Nowadays chefs are developing as glamorous personalities and money changers. They are also earning respect in society. There was a time when graduates in this Pak and hotel management were demanding jobs in Gulf countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia, just because big demand and high salaries. But, this trend is changing now and with the development of hotel management and hospitality industry in India, chefs are in great demand. Apart from this, these experts are doing well in India.

Scope and career prospects for chefs in India:

As most of us know and accept, ambition is the key to any successful career. A person can get many opportunities, but the appropriate thing is to accurately identify at the right time to shine well. When you are determined in a particular career, you are sure to cover the miles with your skills, patience and hard work. In India, there has been an unprecedented growth in the Pak industry and this has increased the demand for professional chefs.

What can you earn as a chef?

As far as salary is concerned, it depends on various aspects like self-confidence, expertise, experience, expertise and personal skills. Another variable that determines your salary is the place in which you work. However, trainee chefs will get Rs 10,000 to Rs. Can earn somewhere between 15,000 per month.

Once you get the experience of nearly 6 years, you can take home between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000. Even, executive chefs are earning between 1 lakh and 2 lakh rupees per month. In the case of luxury and deluxe hotels, Tech-Home will still be more. In addition to hotels and restaurants, you can find jobs in the bar and night club, food service sector or even open your own food service store.

Personality traits needed:

Now, you are aware of the fact that becoming a chef is indeed a good career option in India, but you have to check whether you have the following personality traits to shine as a chef:

  • You have to make yourself friendly to the different food habits and cultures of others. So, you should have this skill.
  • You should keep updating your knowledge on a regular basis and you should have a desire to try various new dishes.
  • You should also keep yourself updated about new cooking techniques and methods if anybody in the market is offered.
  • Other prior requirements include love and passion for cooking, peace and service mentality.
  • You should also have the ability to work as a team with other cooks.

Educational qualification required:

To become a chef and especially if you are interested in getting a job at Star Hotel, it is important that you should earn a degree in hotel management and catering technology from a good institution. There are also diploma and certificate courses in this field. There are many good institutions in India to take these courses.

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