AI-Based Math Learning Programme beGalileo Offers Entire Curriculum Of K12 Education

In an exclusive interaction with BW, Avneet Makkar, Founder and CEO of CarveNiche Technologies Pvt Ltd, talks about its ed-tech product - beGalileo, an after-school math learning programme that uses Artificial Intelligence to teach maths in a personalized manner to suit the child’s individual learning needs. She also sheds light on the importance of technology driven education in today's era. Excerpts:

Elaborate on the inception and journey of ‘beGalileo’ and the need for such platform at this day and age?

‘beGalileo’ is a highly personalised after-school math learning program, scientifically designed by a team from top institutes like IIT, NIT, and IIM. The program uses the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized math learning plan for each child, to suit the child’s individual learning needs. Apart from an intelligent math product, it also has books, videos, games and puzzle cards to help every child fall in love with maths. beGalileo’s journey has been commendable, we started operations in Nov 2016 and today we have 691 beGalileo math Learning centers pan India. In today’s day and age when everything has gone digital and technology has advanced so much, it is imperative that the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) be used to teach subjects such as maths, as this will revolutionize the education industry and help students learn in a better and effective manner.

What kind of acceptance or interest have you seen till now?

We have received an overwhelming response from parents and students. We started with 1 center in Bangalore in November 2016 and within a period of 2.5 years, we currently have 691 centers in India. Majority of our centers are in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. We have 279 centres in Bangalore, 205 centres in Chennai, 141 centers in Mumbai & Pune and 7 centers in Delhi. We have also started centers in tier II cities pan India.

What are the courses that you offer? What are its key differentiators?

beGalileo is a math learning program for K-12 education. It covers all major school curricula including CBSE, ICSE, IB and IGCSE for students across the age group of 5 to 15 years. ‘beGalileo’ covers over 300 concepts in areas including Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Data Handling and Measurements. The platform continuously collects and analyses performance information and uses AI to dynamically serve each student, supporting beginners to progress and providing challenging questions as the student advances. ‘beGalileo’ supplements classroom learning.

Do you agree that technology will drive effective learning?

Technology, if, used in education can increase productivity and save time. It can also solve the problem of teachers not being unable to give personal attention to students and adhere to their differential speed of learning. In addition, AI techniques can be used to provide feedback to teachers themselves. For example, by identifying areas where students lack clarity, tech-led platforms can help teachers teach in a more effective manner.

Every startup comes across different kind of challenges, what were the challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?

I started my education company with a colleague from a previous job as a co-founder. We had an excellent product and had immediately bagged two deals from two reputed school chain. We had also raised a funding round by that moment. We recruited a large team spread over six towns with an experienced sales manager to expand. Then hit the hard truth, we realised that the hiring has gone wrong and we are not able to make enough sales as we had anticipated and then my co-founder also quit. That was the hard-hitting point, but we were quick enough to pivot and launch beGalileo which went on to become a big hit in India, today we have 691 centers pan India and are growing 100 per cent year on year.

How are you planning to expand ‘beGalileo’ going forward? What new products, offerings, and new markets are you planning to target?

We have recently started operations in Delhi and are planning to expand the market by opening more centers in the region. We have also started operations in tier 2 cities recently.

Please shed some light on the partnership with Microsoft?

‘beGalileo’ is India’s first math learning program for K12 education to be available as a Microsoft Windows App. Through Microsoft Azure cloud, students all over the world will be able to access beGalileo on any device, from anywhere in the world. Under the partnership, CarveNiche will also access Microsoft Azure cloud’s AI services to enhance beGalileo, as well as make it suitable to math curriculum in other parts of the world. The partnership will also assist CarveNiche connect with Microsoft’s customers in India, especially in the education sector.

Can you suggest us about your initial investment?

We have so far raised funding from Mumbai Angles, Calcutta Angles and HNIs. Our first round of angel funding was of 1 crore from Mumbai Angles.

As the founder, what goals have you decided for this year and coming 3-5 years?

beGalileo uses a blended learning approach to teach math. It is an adaptive and intelligent product for students to practice and master math concepts easily. We have books, videos, games and puzzle cards on the platform, to make math fun and interesting for students. As the founder, my goal would be to drive innovation and create more interesting avenues to help children learn maths easily.

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