Access To Education In Remotest Villages Through Digital Learning Will Also Become Common: Suresh Goyal, Bright tutee

In an exclusive interaction with BW Education, Suresh Goyal, Co-founder, Bright tutee, discussed the firm and more.

What were your strategies to cope with the impacts of COVID-19 on the teaching-learning process?   

Our strategy was to:

i) Enable teachers in the country, especially the ones in Tier 2, 3 cities, to be able to take online classes and sessions. 

ii) Reach maximum possible students of our country, especially in Tier 2, 3 cities from various state boards, who are not being catered to by majority edtech players.

Provide some pre-Corona and Post-Corona figures, regarding the number of students approaching your platform?   

We had 1 lakh students subscribed to our platform and post COVID-19, we have seen 5 times student engagement leading to 5lakh subscribers on our online platform.  

What kind of innovations were made at the infrastructure level?   

We have released content for 3-8 classes covering 20 state boards at breakneck speed, all during COVID lockdown. Prior to that, we only had content for 9-10 classes. 

What changes do you see coming into the teaching pattern Post-COVID-19?   

A lot of groundbreaking changes in teaching pattern are underway: 

- Classes have moved online already, which will become very frequent post-COVID 

- Doubt clearing sessions will move online post-school time or during holidays/exam prep holidays 

- Exam preparation will mostly be done on edutech platforms 

- Class discussions will move online completely  

- Conducting exams as well as checking them through AI will gradually become mainstream 

- More live sessions and teacher training sessions will be encouraged 

- Finally, access to education in remotest villages of India through digital learning will also become common

Do you find yourself prepared to fight with such a situation in the future and ensure continued learning?    

Yes, for sure. We embrace innovation & speed and understand the needs of students better than most of the other players, given more than 50 years of our experience in this education industry. Hence, we are always prepared to fight such situations and emerge much stronger on the other side. 

What solutions can you suggest to the low-budget schools who can’t afford platforms like yours?  

We are the solution to all kinds of schools and students. For students who can't afford an expensive solution, such as the leading edtech brands, which charge 30-50K per student, we only offer our content starting at Rs 9 and give the student complete flexibility to just buy a single chapter, subject or the full course and buy it for a day, a week, a month or a year. Our prices on an average are less than one-tenth the prices of other ed-tech players.  

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