Amity International, Noida

K 12 School Brand for Academic Excellence- Jury's Choice: Top Education Brands in India

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Established in 1994, the school has risen to unprecedented heights in a very short span of time. Among the flagship Amity schools, the Noida branch is well known among peers and is understood to have achieved a status of its own in academic excellence.

The curriculum of the school is centered around developing various attributes of a child’s personality. From value based education to enhancing leadership skills, the school focuses on overall development of the child and has been able to send many of its students to top universities in India and abroad.



  •  Circle 
  •  Thematic Assemblies
  •  Parties and Celebrations
  •  Collaborative Learning
  •  Learning Centre                                     


• Assemblies and Celebrations

• Project Based Learning

• Technology Integration

• Heritage Education

• Media Literacy

• Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

• Social and Spiritual Development


• Activity Led Learning

• Educational Trips

• Technology Integration

• Spiritual Development

• Interdisciplinary Curriculum

• Administrative Leadership

• Cultural Awareness

The overall class 12th results of the school speak for themselves, and for the fact that the jury selected the school as an institution for academic excellence. Out of 319 students that appeared, the pass percentage was 100 percent with the average of the school being 83.90 %.

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