Anant Fellowship For Climate Action Announces 2021-22 Cohort

The cohort of 2022 is an eclectic mix of individuals with academic and practical experience in areas such as microbiology research, biodiversity conservation, environmental activism, corporate sustainability, agriculture and marine ecosystems, to name a few.

The Anant Fellowship for Climate Action welcomed its second cohort that comprises 24 Fellows who come from 13 countries. This diverse group of climate change solutionaries was selected after a stringent assessment of 2703 applications received from 50 countries this year. The Fellowship has attracted attention from individuals belonging to a wide range of backgrounds such as law, public affairs, finance, engineering, academia, policy, architecture, corporate sustainability, media, entrepreneurs, environmental activism, and many others since its inception.  This year, the youngest applicant to the Fellowship was 16 years of age and the oldest was 63. The Fellowship also saw a spike in the number of women applicants this year as compared to the previous year.

The Fellowship is committed to strengthening the global climate action community. This year, the Fellowship has introduced 3 AFCA Cafes, which are innovative and collaborative spaces located in 3 different countries, where the community can organise meet-ups and collaborate on projects while continuing to enhance peer-to-peer learning. 

The Fellowship is open to anyone who wants to drive the biggest solutions for mitigating climate change. There are no age, degree, background criteria to apply for the Fellowship. The Fellowship offers a powerful combination of knowledge and mentorship. The curriculum covers three pedagogical pillars – technical knowledge, change-maker skills and personal development, and is divided into six terms conducted over two months each. The candidate has an option to choose between the full-time or a part-time track. 

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