Angaza Launches Revolutionary Mindzu App For 9th Graders To Learn Maths The Fun Way

The gamified math learning app follows a character-based, story-driven learning model to offer a personalised maths learning experience to the smartphone generation.

Angaza Ltd, a Capetown based Edtech Company aiming to disrupt the learning process of online education globally, has marked its entry into the Indian edu tech sphere by launching a disruptive smartphone app, MindZu. The revolutionary app endeavours to help 9th grade students become brilliant at maths. It has been exquisitely crafted to deliver a personalised maths learning experience for the smartphone generation. Users have access to animated lessons, each with layers of interactive exercises and motivating game missions, which bring learning to life and make it more engaging and effective. 

Designed to promote self-study amongst users, the MindZu experience goes much beyond conventional online-based learning. Instead of the usual talking-head teacher videos, learning is enabled via a virtual world of dynamic characters and gamified challenges. To save a friend from the Army of Boredom, the learner must go on a journey through MindZu landscapes, solving math challenges to progress and succeed. The content covers the entire curriculum, and the underlying pedagogy is extremely effective.

Commenting on the launch of MindZu, Godfrey Parkin, CEO of Angaza, said, “Online education offered by most edtech platforms in India are usually page-to-page digitisation of existing textbooks, and are often too expensive for most families. Angaza’s goal is to make a superb learning experience universally affordable. We launched the MindZu app with 9th grade mathematics because, at this stage, the subject becomes difficult to understand for the Indian students following the CBSE curriculum. Without the contextual knowledge needed to learn advanced mathematical concepts, many learners start to lose interest in it. This is where potential future engineers and scientists choose an alternate career path, and learners with an interest in the arts turn away from an opportunity to add new dimensions to their creativity. An intervention that makes maths more fun and engaging at this stage could make all the difference to young learners.”

“Every second spent on the app is colourful, stimulating, and motivating. Learners are in control of what they learn, and how fast they learn it. Performance systems let them know what they missed, where they need to focus, and where they are brilliant. And learners are not alone – they can connect with others in their class or around the world for a more collaborative learning experience,” added Godfrey.

MindZu is the culmination of years of work by a global team of 25 educational writers, game developers, instructional designers, animators, and user experience experts hailing from Italy, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Ireland, and India. Available on Google Play, users can avail the full curriculum for 15 months by making a one-time in-app purchase for ₹1101. 

Having launched 9th grade maths, the edtech platform is now working on the content for the 10th grade. Over the next 18 months, MindZu will also provide access to physics, chemistry, and biology curricula for the last two years of high school, and will additionally be looking to expand into vernacular languages and global markets.

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