Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Our Generation: Anurag Gupta, STEMROBO Technologies

In an exclusive chat with BW Education, Anurag Gupta, Founder at STEMROBO Technologies, talked about the firm and more.

In 2012, two colleagues, Anurag Gupta and Rajeev Tiwari who had been in Semiconductor and Embedded Industry for over 15 years thought of starting a venture which can come with an India Centric Solution in form of Innovative Products, Hardware, Software and Pedagogy for the unique problems being faced by students in K12 Space. In 2015, the founded an ed-tech start-up called STEMROBO Technologies that aimed to help K-12 students get adept to STEM Education and further enable their minds to better learning and innovation. Today they are one of the leading start-ups in the field of education to promote and inspire students to innovate and invent.  

With the government’s new quest to make an AtmaNirbhar Bharat, STEMROBO Technologies prides itself on being completely a ‘Make in India’ brand. However, the success of the government’s campaign will lie in the hands of education. The students and youth are still pushed to listen rather than to create. Initiatives like NITI Ayog’s Atal Tinkering labs need to be injected into the system so as to promote innovation and creativity in young minds. STEMROBO Technologies is on the ‘Indicative list for Atal Tinkering lab equipment’ as provided by NITI Ayog initiative, GOI.  Both founders believe in shifting the culture of students being active listeners to pushing them to become active makers, to ensure success in India becoming completely self-reliant

AtmaNirbhar Bharat is a slogan that’s been trending across the country. With the boycott of Chinese apps and the government’s initiative to make India completely self-reliant, companies across the board are trying to promote ‘Make in India’. What inspired you to build STEMROBO Technologies into a ‘Make in India’ brand? 

Well, STEMROBO was an idea that was born at a time where the invention and innovation growth was stagnating in India. Our main vision was to help kick start the technological advancement of our country by empowering K-12 students to use their creativity and enhance their skills to innovate and invent. Being a home-grown company just seemed fitting in our vision. We wanted to end the stigma of New age technology only being for the rich and affluent but also being accessible to every individual across the growth. It’s not fair to put a clause on learning.  

One of our greatest achievements was being selected by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India under ‘Electropreneur Park’, an initiative by Govt of India to promote “Make in India” and “Design in India”. We also pride ourselves in being enlisted in the indicative list for Atal Tinkering lab equipment an initiative by NITI Ayog, GOI. Our aim is to help the country become the technology hub it has the potential to become.  

With innovation and advanced technology being on the forefront especially now in these times of crisis, in what way is STEMROBO Technologies helping K-12 students become early-age entrepreneurs? 

The idea to start STEMROBO Technologies came to us in 2012 and we wanted to provide a forum for K-12 students, across the country, to leverage technology to learn and innovate in the field of STEM Education. At the time, the technology and innovation in the country was below average, which in turn was curbing the growth of the country. New age inventions and 21st-century skills were seen as something only affluent could enjoy. The progress of a country can be measured through its youth. We believe in empowering and inspiring the students of the country by giving them access to cutting edge technology could lead to inventions and growth of the country. 

We focus on 6 crucial technologies like Block-based programming, App-development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Python, 3D Designing, Arduino Programming and Fun with Electronics. We have set up Tinkering and Innovation labs in over 1000 schools and works with over 5,00,000 students and teachers to nurture out of the box thinking and progress technology culture in students. 

The aim and focus at STEMROBO is on solving real-world Problems using Techniques and Project-Based Learning, thereby offering Immersive Learning Experience that caters to 21st-century key skills.  

How is your online learning virtual class in STEM education helping students all over the world? How many enquiries have you got till now? 

Tinker Coders is our online learning platform for students from Grade 3 and above. We are on focussing on 6 crucial technologies for students to work on, namely Block-based programming, App-development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Python, 3D Designing, Arduino Programming and Fun with Electronics. Our aim is to foster 21st-century skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Cognitive skills, Analytical Reasoning, Problem-solving approach etc. The students are learning interactive technologies and are being able to make their own games, apps etc. Tinker Coders is helping students across the globe not only enhancing their programming abilities but also in honing the 21st-century skills. 

Using Digital Technologies to enable Last-Mile Delivery has been our Key Approach in COVID-19 times. We are putting more emphasis on our already existing launched Digital Platform like Tinker Coders( - Online Coding Program), Tinker Learning( Self-Paced E-learning Content ), Tinker Webinar and AI Connect( AI Web Connect Program-  to connect to students in B2B2C and B2C mode. Till now, we have got more than 15000+ registrations from the students across the globe. 

Recently, CBSE has announced to add some skills subjects, in terms of AI and Game Designing as a subject, how you are providing the services to the schools for better education? 

Artificial Intelligence is the future of our generation. Going forward all industries will adapt to complex technologies and it’s important to familiarise the students with them.  We have curated our very own platform – AI Connect with the sole purpose of exposing the students to the latest technologies. AI Connect is an amalgamation of theoretical as well as practical-based learning. We are offering online courses on Artificial Intelligence and Python where the students are being made to do hands-on activities using the essential tools. 

STEMROBO is providing classes in over 1000+ schools in India and has developed Atal Tinkering Labs at all school. Due to current lockdown, we have shifted our classes to our online portal. 

How many schools/centres you have tied up with till now and what's your vision for 5 years?  

So far, STEMROBO has setup Tinkering & Innovation labs in more than 1000+ schools, enrolled more than 5,00,000 students, over 30 activity centres and over 10 robotics and Do it Yourself (DIY) in house products.  

STEMROBO is poised for strong growth in India and abroad. We are also entering into Global Tie-ups and expanding into international markets. Keeping all this in account we have set 500 X 50 target in next 5 Years, wherein we are targetting a revenue of 500Cr and expanding our product reach across 50 countries.   

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