BHIS Announces Future-Ready Initiatives & Technology-Powered Programs In The Curriculum

Music curriculum, cloud-based portal to power digital literacy, robotics & design thinking, and technology-powered education.

Billabong High International announces new initiatives in the forthcoming academic year that will strengthen the student learning experience. This is basis the student learning experiences and parent feedback from the virtual learning programme launched by Billabong High International School last March 2020 where the goal was to ensure ‘students learn & engage best’ in the post COVID scenario. BHIS will implement initiatives like myOn Digital Library, Interactive Digital Boards, Wifi enabled classrooms, student lounge, and enhanced collaboration with Torrins- Music Education to ensure technology-enabled music delivery in the new academic year 2021-2022.  The myOn digital library will help students by providing access to more than 6000 digital books with audio and reading scaffold. This personalized digital library will be offered to students from grade 9 to grade 12. Classrooms will be equipped with touch display computers and whiteboard software, smart integration of all teaching tools like audio, video, images, charts, graphs, etc. on a single platform. This will ensure that curriculum delivery is seamless & quick – allowing teachers to save, review and reinforce lessons taught to students. It will also support effective classroom management, real-time lesson building during the class and most importantly deeper conceptual understanding. 

Music classes will be customized with the choice of learning the desired musical instrument. Students will have access to online videos and curriculum tracker designed by international experts with, 10 levels – each level covered in one academic year. This program will cover guitar, keyboard, drums, Indian and western vocals and a customized play-based curriculum for younger children from grade 1 and grade  2. 

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