Byju's, BEI Partnership To Bridge Existing Learning Loss

Byju's Education for All partners with Bharat Edtech to provide disadvantaged children with access to digital learning opportunities, with a special focus on empowering girl students

With the aim to bridge the digital divide in education and mitigate learning loss among some of the most underserved communities in the country, BYJU’S Education for All has joined forces with Bharat EdTech Initiative (BEI). This partnership will positively empower over one million students across the nation by 2025 with Byju's high-quality digital tools and programmes. 

By leveraging the synergy of education and technology, Byju's and BEI will bring the power of at-home, effective, equitable, accessible learning to students across classes 1 through 12.  Additionally, with the pandemic disrupting access to education, especially for girls around the country, this collaboration will also have a special focus on ensuring equitable access to learning opportunities for girl students.  

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