CBSE Asks Schools To Learn From Each Other, Principals To Lead With Pedagogical Approach

CBSE has instructed that school principals have to provide pedagogical leadership to their respective schools.

The duties of school principals just got heavier with the latest CBSE circular. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in past couple of days, released several circulars for its affiliated schools which aimed at making learning and assessment more interactive and inclusive. Now, CBSE has instructed that school principals have to provide pedagogical leadership to their respective schools. 

"Pedagogical leaders are responsible to support teaching and learning in their schools. It includes instructional leadership to support classroom teachers in their key role of implementing curriculum, and transforming teaching and learning by establishing organizational norms of continuous quality improvement," CBSE said in the circular dated March 9, 2019. 

The redefined role of school principals now requires them to evaluate the effectiveness of learning methods and ensure that these match the standards set by the board to optimize learning environment. 

In the role of a pedagogical leader, CBSE school Principals' focus has to be on the learning process, methodology, and its outcomes. 

"Every activity taken up by the school therefore should be mapped for the academic competencies, and for life skills, values, etc., being acquired by the student," says CBSE.

School Principals are required to know and be updated about all the latest ideas and tools which are being used in education at global level and 'innovate the pedagogy of the school'. 

CBSE has also instructed school principals to arrange discussions among themselves and learn from the best practices of other schools. They can also arrange for observation visits of teachers of other schools. 

School principals are also to conduct in-house training of teachers to 'enable them to unleash their own unique capabilities and creativity in their classrooms'.

(Source: NDTV Education)

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