Cambridge University Press Introduces Healthcare-Specific Learning Resources

In an effort to aid healthcare professionals to take the Occupational English Test, Cambridge University Press and Assessment India has partnered with Ebek to produce healthcare-specific English language skill

Cambridge University Press and Assessment India (CUP&A) announced its latest healthcare-specific offerings to aid nurses and doctors in their Occupational English Test (OET) preparation and enhance their healthcare-specific English language skills. 

These programmes include the 'OET Trainer for Nursing and Medicine', 'Upskill for Healthcare', and the 'Cambridge Health Care Pathway'. All these programmes will enable the healthcare professional fraternity who wishes to practice in an English-speaking environment to take the OET test.

CUP&A has partnered with Ebek, an educational publishing service, to launch the Cambridge Health Care Pathway: English and Communication Skills for Nursing, an integrated learning and assessment programme. This program includes a diagnostic test at the beginning of every module, print and audio student books for each of the four modules, and end-of-module assessments for modules 1, 2, and 3.

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