Clevered Internship Exposure Helps Student Enter University In California

High school student makes it to California’s best college- thanks to exposure during his internship with Clevered.

In 2020 during the pandemic, Tanush Savadi came across a coding platform offering a free class and ended up attending it. Little did he know that one free class of an hour would change the direction of his future education and career.

17-year old Tanush has had a keen interest in technology and logic since childhood. From trying to understand how calculators work to solving different Rubix cubes, he has been actively involved in understanding how things work. Seeing this, Tanush’s parents got him enrolled in a coding class where he mastered all the concepts. However, Tanush wasn’t satisfied as he wasn’t able to put his learning into practice. That is when he came across Clevered - an edTech startup that not just teaches young students to code but offers hands-on practical learning opportunities and exposure to the world of coding and Artificial Intelligence. 

“I took a free demo class and found out that, unlike the other classes, here you get to use concepts you learn to create meaningful and problem-solving applications. You get hands-on experience and get to create and innovate using the concepts you learn,” says Tanush.

Both of Tanush’s parents were from non-technical backgrounds and like most parents even they were sceptical of getting him enrolled in yet another ‘coding for kids’ program. Once Tanush was convinced that at Clevered he would be learning skills that would make him future-ready, his parents got him enrolled on the Junior Data Scientist Program. 

Tanush had also been preparing to make it to one of the top universities of California that offers the best software engineering programs. “I knew that more than my grades and accolades, it is my exposure to the real world and the real-world skills that will help me get into the college of my dreams”, says Tanush. 

Tanush’s journey at Clevered was exceptional- his performance at every level of the program was exemplary. He also convinced his parents after completing the program to get him enrolled in Clevered’s Artificial Intelligence Internship Program with the University of Oxford’s senior researcher. It was this internship program of 3 months that gave him the confidence and belief in himself that he can make it to the best of the best colleges in the US.

During the course of his internship, Tanush got exposure to the real world of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. He grew his network and met professional experts from top companies around the globe like Pwc, Microsoft, Facebook and others. He chose to work on a project that solved a major social problem of helping people with visual impairment navigate their way through audio instructions. 

“I am happy beyond words that my son made it to the college of his dreams and I would like to thank Kahn for the Letter of Recommendation.” Tanush’s mother exclaimed when we asked her to share how she feels. Ken Kahn is a senior researcher from the University of Oxford who offers dedicated mentorship, shares inspiring insights and has deep and wide experience with students who intern with him in Clevered’s Artificial Intelligence Internship Program.

Tanush’s father, who has been a constant support to Tanush said, “The fact that my son has such a deep understanding of social problems and the skills to solve them gives me immense joy. I thank Clevered for nurturing his interest and growing it to help him become an innovator! He has grown so much and has developed a unique leadership quality that colleges look for in their applicants.”

Top universities around the world no longer just look at SAT scores and grades. They look for students who are future-ready. To be a thriving member of the AI-enabled workforce of the future, one needs no just theoretical concept classes but hands-on project making where they understand the use of concepts. 

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