Dayalbagh Educational Institute Organizes First International Conference On Dayalbagh Science of Consciousness

The conference also had plenary talks delivered by internationally reputed scientists including Prof Peter Roe (University of Waterloo, Canada), Prof Subhash Kak (Oklahoma State University, USA), Prof Anirban Bandyopadhyay (NIMS, Japan), and many more.

The first international conference on Dayalbagh Science of Consciousness was organized jointly by Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), Agra and University of Waterloo Canada on September 6, 2019. The conference had participants from all over the world, some participating at Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra and some participating at University of Waterloo, Canada. The two venues were connected all through by video conferencing using Information Communication Technology (ICT). The conference was streamed live to more than 435 centres of DEI, which made more than 1,50,000 people, some from eminent institutions like IIT Delhi, BHU, able to attend. 

The high point of the conference was the vision talk delivered by revered Prof Prem Saran Satsangi, the eighth spiritual leader of the Radhasoami Faith Dayalbagh on “Complete Neuro-Theology an Ultimate Reality: Science of Consciousness”, which was highly admired by the eminent scientists present in the conference. In this talk, he explained that ultra-transcendental meditational practices through Surat-Shabda-Yoga (the meditational practice of uniting spirit current with the sound current) can help to reach the higher centres of consciousness. He presented a model comprising attributes, qualities and values (Sigma A, Sigma Six Q and Vs) which offers sustainability — a way of life and can evolve human to superhuman.  

The research work being done in DEI under the aegis of the Centre for Consciousness Studies, as well as the Quantum-Nano Centre is fully in consonance with the principles of modern science and mathematics (Topological Graph Theory) and ties well with the work being done internationally in the area of consciousness studies. Many eminent scientists have greatly appreciated the research work being done at DEI on this topic. As part of the research work, many experiments were carried out at DEI over the past few years on Neural and Brain development/modelling. In the same spirit measurements are being conducted using modern scientific tools such as MEG on the impact of the spiritual practices and activities at Dayalbagh on the early development of young infants from a few weeks to three years and these have yielded positive and very encouraging results. 

Prof Satsangi has a long association with IIT Delhi, where he worked in different academic and administrative positions for about 28 years, and took voluntary retirement in 1993 and became the Honorary Director of Dayalbagh Educational Institute. Since his time at IIT Delhi, there has been active collaboration on research and academic pursuits between DEI and IIT Delhi. Presently, there is an MoU between the two institutes since 2007, which has further strengthened the collaborative activities between the institutes such as having joint PhD students involved in different research topics including the science of consciousness. Such endeavours of research in the science of consciousness are a step forward to integrate western and eastern views of consciousness. There has been active collaboration between the Quantum Nano Centre & Centre of Consciousness Studies, DEI and many faculty from IIT Delhi who have actively co-operated in organising QUANSAS annually since 2008 in which many eminent scientists including a number of Nobel laureates such as Prof Douglas Osheroff (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1996), Prof Robert Richardson (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1996) and Lady Prof Donna Strickland (Nobel Prize in Physics, 2018) and Sir Roger Penrose have participated in research discussions. 

The conference also had plenary talks delivered by internationally reputed scientists including Prof Peter Roe (University of Waterloo, Canada), Prof Subhash Kak (Oklahoma State University, USA), Prof Anirban Bandyopadhyay (NIMS, Japan), Prof Anna Horatchek (University of Kiel, Germany), and Prof Rocco Gennaro (University of Southern Indiana). In addition, a panel discussion was held co-moderated by Prof Kak on behalf of University Waterloo and Mr Prem Prashant, President DEI and Radhasoami Satsang Sabha from DEI. Prof James Barrell from Florida also joined the discussion through a video link. The discussion concluded acknowledging hierarchy of consciousness levels at three layers — matter, mind and spirit and it is the purely spiritual universe which is the ultimate reality involving entities with a size smaller than Max Planck dimension. 

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