Deccan Education Society Floats New Educational Venture

DESPU will foundation and specialisation courses in alignment with new education policy guidelines

The Deccan Education Society has launched its latest educational venture, the Deccan Education Society Pune University (DESPU). The institution shall encompass distinct schools tailored for Commerce and Management, Science and Mathematics, Engineering and Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences and Design & Arts, launching a cumulative of 5 schools and 21 programmes under them.

Following the latest NEP 2020 standards, students will be awarded an honours degree combined with research upon completion of the four-year study. Students can use this mechanism to transfer between universities and acquire extra credits to meet the requirements of their various academic credit banks: Minimum of 160 characters. This is part of the NEP 2020's National Credit Framework, which allows students to drop out after any academic year. If a student leaves at the end of the first year, they will receive a certificate. Those who leave after the second year obtain a diploma; those who leave after the third year receive a degree and those who complete all four years receive an undergraduate honours degree.

In addition to offering foundation courses at the bachelor's level and specialisation courses at the major and minor levels, the university will also engage its resources in Experiential Learning Courses.

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