Deep Sense Of Social Responsibility And Humanity Will Help IFIM Graduates Grow Their Careers Responsibly: Dean Simon Of ESCP London

249 students received their Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at IFIM Business School’s 23rd Convocation Ceremony.

IFIM B School's PDGM Graduates 2019
(L-R) Dr Atish, Director B School; Dr VB Padode, Chairman, CDE; V A Sastry, Chairman Board of Governors; Bala K Bharadwaj, Managing Director of Boeing India Engineering and Technology Center and Dr Simon Mercado, Dean, ESCP, Europe Business School, London.
Dr Simon Mercado addressing the gathering.

IFIM Business School, Bangalore, celebrated its 23rd annual convocation at their campus. This year witnessed 249 students of the 2017-2019 batch receive their post-graduate diplomas in the presence of Chief Guest Dean Simon Mercado of ESCP London, and Guest of Honor, Dr Bala Bharadwaj, Managing Director at Boeing India Engineering and Technology Center. 

During the convocation address, Chief Guest, Dr Simon Mercado, Dean, ESCP Europe Business School, London said, “IFIM Business School has been adding trained workforce to India’s reservoir where these students will be the change agents and will lead the fourth industrial revolution that the world is observing today. A deep sense of social responsibility and humanity that has been inculcated in these future leaders, will help them grow in their career with responsibility”.

The convocation was presided over by  V B Padode, Chairman, Center for Developmental Education (CDE), and dignitaries from the corporate world, the Board of Governors of IFIM, the alumni of the Institute and proud parents of the graduating batch, which included both regular and executive PGDM students.

Guest of Honor, Dr Bala Bharadwaj, Managing Director, Boeing India Engineering and Technology Center, addressed the session and said, “It is a great honor to be part of this special occasion. I would like to congratulate the graduates and it is my privilege to guide the talented bunch of enthusiasts in their process of becoming professionals from students. I would like to give a ‘TIP’ to these budding entrepreneurs. Working in collaboration with ‘Transparency’ will be the core strength of a professional where truth and integrity will be the key. ‘Innovation’ will drive the creativity and success where ‘People’ will be the centre of businesses. The right balance of these will lead to the right management techniques for our country, leading to successful businesses and the growth of our economy".

Dr Atish Chattopadhyay, Director, IFIM Business School in his inaugural speech expressed, “We at IFIM, remain committed to providing a superior learning experience to our participants, which provides them with the advantage of having a strong global orientation with sensitivity towards distributive justice while being relevant to practice. It has been our endeavour to introduce such pedagogical innovations where participants can discover knowledge through experiences and personal reflections".

The convocation concluded with celebration by the graduates who are ready for a new start of professional life and their proud parents.

"We believe that ‘Doing’ leads to ‘Knowing’. To further strengthen the exposure to global best practices, starting this year, we introduced the idea of ‘International Super-specialization’ to provide our participant's inputs on advanced courses of specialization at the top global B-schools in new age disciplines.  IFIM Business School today offers its participants an opportunity to take specialized courses in partnering schools like McCombs at Texas at Austin for Big Data and Blockchain, Stanford University for Design Thinking and Innovation, ESCP London for Fintech and Digital Transformation; and the University of Virginia for MarTech. Today, we recommit ourselves to nurturing holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable professionals”, he added.

The following awards were given to the top students:

Best all-rounder

Srishti Gupta

Program Toppers

Shreyas Srivastav
PGDM (Finance)
Swati D Hegde
PGDM (International Business)
Abhisek Poddar
PGDM Executive
Snehanshu Mitra

Director’s Top 10 

Shreyas Srivastav

Krithika K R

Ritika Murli Kriplani

Priyanka Gupta

Parshant Sharma

Pittu Sindhu

Sidharth Khatua

Sourodeep Pathak

Deeksha Sharma

Swati D Hegde

Best Social Immersion Project (SIP) 

Vishal S

Arjun Mukund
Anto Sujan T F
Kushal Gaurav P
Sathvik M Shastry
Vinith Kunder
Akshaya Shetty
Ankush Shetty
Poonacha K B
Chornur Rohith Goutham

Best Research Incubation (RI) Project

Snehlata Gupta

Best Industry Internship

Neha Yogesh

IFIM Business School recently announced the launch of its new campus for their BBA Programme in Greater Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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