Design Experts At International Conference Embrace Environmental-centred Research

Pioneering Shift from Human-Centric Design to Tackle Global Challenges

15th International Conference on Doctoral Education in Design, hosted by the World University of Design in Sonipat, India, marked a paradigm shift in design research. Renowned experts convened to emphasise the need for design research to shift its focus from human-centric approaches to addressing critical environmental challenges. The event, organised by the European Academy of Design and held in India for the first time, featured influential speakers.

Sudipto Mukherjee, Henry Ford Chair Professor at IIT Delhi, stressed the importance of cultivating the 'mind's eye' among designers, noting the increasing role of non-verbal, non-scientific and artistic elements in the modern technological landscape.

Mukul Goyal, a distinguished designer, discussed the fusion of tradition, materials and contemporary design, highlighting the value of preserving and evolving traditional crafts through innovative design.

Jay Dhariwal from IIT Delhi, urged designers to tackle global issues like climate change, poverty and water scarcity through compassionate, environment-centred design, transcending traditional human-centred approaches.

World University of Design's Vice Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Sanjay Gupta, highlighted the rising importance of research-based design education in India's transition from a vendor to an originator of good design.

The event featured presentations from over 25 researchers and drew more than 150 delegates from universities, industry and doctoral students, heralding a new era in design research.

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