Digital University And The B-School

Experts discuss the merits and limitations of the digitalisation of education in the MBA classroom

Digitalisation has been a part of human life for a quite long period. However, within the past two years, it has been a key requirement mostly in the form of online education.

Prof. Shailendra Singh, Director, IIM Ranchi; Dr Jitendra Das, Director, FORE School of Management; Prof. R S Desikan, Dept. of Management, SRM University AP; Dr S K Mahapatra, Director, KIIT Bhubaneshwar; Dr Sanjay Modi, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, LPU express their thoughts on the expansion of Digital Universities and B Schools in the Indian education sector today.

Experts agreed that while online education has now been an integral part of our lives, it has brought a digital divide for the overall society. The future world might see hybrid classes, but lose the emotional connection between students and faculty. Moreover, B Schools and Digital Universities need to train the students as per recruiters’ perspective. 

Watch full dialogue here:

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