EdTech Platform 'Ucanji' Set To Offer Dance & Fitness Courses

The platform aims to reach out to millions of students across the country and engage them in dance and fitness activities.

Ucanji, an EdTech platform, is set to make its mark in the world with its Dance & Fitness courses in 2021. Ucanji is here to provide skill enhancement courses and encourage learners of the age between 5 and 15, to pursue what their heart wants and improve their skills, because they Can Ji.

UcanJi aims to mobilise lives through learning. They give a platform for individuals to create and share educational courses (instructors) and to join these educational courses for learning (students). They provide choreographers, dancers and fitness professionals, such as Riya Dua, Prashant Aadarsh, Akansha Sharma, Aakanksha Sehrawat among others, to engage its learners in Thoda Fun and Thoda Fitness. From Kathak, Bhangra to Hip Hop, Ucanji offers an assortment of pre-recorded lessons via superior technology to children who are willing to learn and advance their skills.

While commenting on the same, Divanshi Gupta, Founder, Ucanji, said, “India, which is still dealing with the dramatic rise of COVID-19 cases and its repercussions, is set towards another alarming milestone of obesity. With Ucanji, we aspire to inspire children to engage in dance and fitness activities that not only help boost energy or lose weight but also improve their skills and self-confidence. Ucanji is here to make dance & fitness simpler, interesting, and most importantly, accessible for all.”

Ucanji, with its offerings, will reach out to millions of students across the country and engage them in dance, fitness activities.

A brief look into the features Ucanji indulges its learners in:

Well-curated courses: The courses are carefully crafted for every individual, who wants to have fun while working on their skills, anytime, anywhere.

Ask an expert: Feel stuck? Ask the experts by conveying the difficulty or sending a video to get a suggestion.

See yourself: Compare where you are going wrong. Know where you are making a mistake and correct yourself.

Mirror Screen: Switch between the front and back view on the screen to keep up with the expert and clear any confusion.

Learn at your own Pace: Adjust the playback video to match your speed, and learn at your own pace.

Trim & Loop: Master any time consuming section by trimming it and putting it on loop. Practice till you succeed.

Multi-device functionality: We are everywhere. Access well-curated courses on any device you want. Now, it’s time for you to pick up a course and master it.

Through the course of lockdown, India and other countries across the world have reported a spike in the number of obese individuals. According to a recent study, India will have the greatest number of obese children at 27 million by the end of 2030. Decreased levels of physical activities have resulted in energy imbalance, leading to weight gain, especially amongst millions of children studying from home. To improve the condition of obesity among students, the National Education Policy 2020 has stressed upon schools integrating physical fitness activities via online classes.

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