Education Minister Proposes National Curriculum Framework

As part of the preparation of the New India Curriculum, Dharmendra Pradhan urges people to take part in a Citizen Survey

The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) is going to be in line with the NEP 2020 and will play a big role in achieving the Viksit Bharat goal, the mission to make India a developed country by 2047. The Minister of Education, Dharmendra Pradhan stated that it was essential to develop a “vibrant, dynamic, inclusive and futuristic National Curriculum Framework for integrating cultural-rootedness along with global outlook, freeing education from a colonial hangover and instilling a deeper sense of pride in our next generations.”

The process of establishing NCF has started has been started through the formation of the District Consultation Committees, State Focus Groups, State Steering Committee, National Focus Groups and National Steering Committee conducted by states and Union Territories in an effort to reach out to various stakeholders. The aim is to reach out on the grassroots levels and gain perspective and opinions from parents, anganwadi workers, teachers, educators, students and other parties on the future of education at all levels, from early childhood to teacher and adult education.

Alongside the committees, a website and phone app have been developed to conduct large-scale surveys and make the process paperless. Furthermore, any person not directly involved in education but who has an interest in the sector can visit the official website and participate in the survey. The survey can be conducted in 23 different languages. Those interested can access the survey by clicking here. 

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