Education Tech Start-Up Promising An Employable Work Force

Many students face tremendous troubles after college because though they have secured high grades, they lack the relevant skills to land them their dream job. Edutech startups are playing the key role in bridging the gap between a company’s expectations and students aspirations.

In today’s day and age, being well educated is not enough. Being well trained and skilled for the job holds equal importance. As there is no dearth of career options to choose from, there is more than ample competition vying for those jobs. It is important to have an extra edge in the form of skill set training and work experience. Ed tech startups are a fairly new venture in India and have taken the $100 billion education sector In India by storm. It has helped the youth to acquire knowledge, get connected to the best educators and building a skill set at an affordable price.

The dawn of Edutech startups in the Indian education sector.

 Edutech startups help students in securing higher grades, training for competitive exams and career counseling to students and professionals to secure lucrative jobs. Edutech startups follow a business model founded on technology and design, bidding farewell to conventional and outdated methods of teaching and learning. Increased smartphone and internet dependence in India paved the way for Edutech startup’s success story. Around 550 million people are connected to the internet in 2018. For a country that shops and pays bills online, education could not be left far behind. Students aiming for a more quality is driven education rather than just scoring high marks have placed their trust in Edutech startups. The professional training segment of Edutech startups is valued at around $1 billion dollars currently.

Edutech startups have helped students immensely when it comes to enhancing employability and providing job opportunities. They help develop relevant job specific skills and ensure job placements. Though technology made a late entry into the educational sector when compared to say healthcare, it has come up with breakthrough technological innovations and solutions. Edutech startups like VERZEO provide successful certified training in courses such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

What part do Edutech startups play in employment success stories?

It is essential for students to be internally motivated to want to be more than average. It is only when they have made a well informed and thoroughly assessed decision regarding what career path they want to follow, that they can work towards excelling in that job. Edutech startups address confused and directionless students by providing career counseling sessions conducted by domain experts and psychologists. This is done through conducting online tests and assignments. Students are more likely to excel in their career if it well matches their personality, aptitude, and interests. Getting the correct guidance from the correct source at the correct time is instrumental to a bright future.

Skill enhancement and professional training and development are yet another aspect touched on by Edutech startups. Theoretical learning can only help you to a point, but employers nowadays pick on key practical skills and training that will help increase their company’s productivity. Acing specialized technical skills along with soft skills and communication skills will also help you in regards to the job promotion. Edutech startups provide verified courses from noteworthy institutes and academic and industry experts. Students can opt for training in courses such as Cloud Computing, Web Development, SharePoint, Mobile Computing, Digital Marketing, Computer Programming, Data Analysis, Foreign Languages, Marketing and Entrepreneurship skills enhancement. Edutech startups prepare students for the real world. After all, students should be able to sell their skills in the job market. Students can apply for beginners, intermediate or advanced level courses. Eliminating limitations of age, geographical location and financial background, determined students can develop skill sets that will increase their employability.  

If courses and skill enhancement was not enough, many Edutech startups have taken up the responsibility of ensuring, that their students are well placed in well-paying and respectable jobs by the end of their training period. Edutech startup VERZEO offers training and internship opportunities to students enrolled under them. They have collaborative tie-ups with leading MNC’s that benefit both the MNC and the students. MNC’s facing workforce shortage approach VERZEO, who then match the company’s requirement with the student who is well trained and best suited for the job. Many students face tremendous troubles after college because though they have secured high grades, they lack the relevant skills to land them their dream job. Edutech startups are playing the key role in bridging the gap between a company’s expectations and students aspirations. 

One of the foremost hurdle Edutech startups face is a conventional, traditional and orthodox mindset that refuses to accept change, especially in the sacred domain of education. It is going to take a number of success stories and change in mindset to wholly embrace this phenomenon of Edutech startups.

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