Educational Revolution At Ekya's FIND 2023

Ekya Schools set to host the ‘Ekya FIND Festival 2023’ at CMRIT campus in Bengaluru on 4 November 2023, a K-12 education programme

With the theme "World of learning, learners and extraordinary educators," the festival aims to unite and inspire educators, students, school administrators, legislators, policymakers and global education lovers, with the goal of changing the face of K–12 education. 


The former chairman of ISRO, Founder and chairman of National Public Schools, Minister of state for skill development and entrepreneurship as well as electronics and information technology, President of CMR Jnanadhara Trust, Director of Ekya Schools, Founder of Ekya Schools and former member of parliament, will be the guest of honour. 


Ekya Schools will launch Asia's first K-12 maker school at FIND Festival, aiming to redefine traditional learning by fostering innovation, creativity and design. Ekya will also launch ‘Creating Extraordinary Educators’, a 12-year educational ethos book that challenges and inspires educators to transcend conventional teaching paradigms. 


“The Ekya FIND Festival is a force for transformation, not just another event. We are encouraging teachers to be innovators, seeing beyond textbooks and giving kids the power to shape their own futures. This festival unites a community eager to influence education in the future as our commitment to that future”, Dr Tristha, Founder, Ekya Schools and Vice President, CMR Group of Institutions, said.  


The Ekya’s FIND Festival plans to host events like the design thinking challenge, a learning showcase and a panel discussion on rethinking K-12 education, aiming to inspire students to use creativity and imagine a world without boundaries.

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