Elite Techno Groups Offers Rs 50 Lakh Scholarship To 1 Lakh Engineers

Elite Techno Groups organizing Nation- Wide free engineering program during pandemic supporting Skill India

Elite Techno Groups, an ed-tech company, skilling engineers for the last 8 years has taken an initiative to tackle this issue by organizing a month-long Bootcamp on Industrial Technology for Engineers (BITE) with the help of industry experts and key speakers from top engineering companies to help students get industrial exposure. This boot camp is in support and as per the directive of Central Govt’s Skill India Programme’s push on corporates taking the responsibility of Indian youth.

This skill development program will not only help in gaining better job opportunities but will be a bonus for students stuck at home, to get an industrial exposure about what is going on in the industry, how pandemic has changed the working/ hiring process, and how students can grab this opportunity irrespective of their college standard, ranking, or status. 

In this Skilling Program ETG will be providing free workshops on various topics like 

Automotive Engineer (Learn Vehicle Dynamics & Design), Electric Vehicle (Technical Opportunities For Engineer), and also Start Practical Machine Learning/AI (Skills Needed to be a Data Scientist) from 9th - 31st July 2021 with reputed Industry Experts. These workshops can be enjoyed by anyone, undergrad or working professional keen to build their skill in any of this domain can register right away. 

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