Evaluation In Era Of Digital Education

The onset of Covid has led to changes and transitions all across the globe and in every sector; from education to agritech no stone has been left unturned in making it a seamless transition

Post-pandemic, digital tools have been changing the way higher education delivers its teaching, offering more flexible, blended in-person and online learning models. Blended learning models have been spoken about immensely and basically, educators believe that is not a fad and actually the future ahead. 

In a recent summit and awards night organised by BW Education in association with BW Businessworld, a few eminent speakers like Dr Aman Mittal, Vice President, Lovely Professional University; Prof (Dr) Sanjiv Marwah, Director, J K School Of Business Management and Dr RS Rai, Director - Internal Quality Assurance Cell, ACCF Amity University Uttar Pradesh presents similar views upon this topic of discussion and also showed the audience the roadmap to the future of India’s education system. 

The discussion narrowed down to a very important point mentioned by all - with time each industry evolves and truly education sector was the very sector which took upon the transition in a very steady and seamless manner, with an indeed great amount of effort from all educators and coaches. 

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