Even Slow Learners Can Become Fast Learners

Sahil Kapoor, Chief Business Officer, Matific, shares how his organisation provides learning solutions for kids and how it has created an impact pan-India

Matific is an adaptive, out-of-box and 360-degree solution for kids. There is a saying 'Tell me I will forget, show me I will remember and involve me I will understand'. So, we involve kids in different activities. As far as the journey is concerned, now it's almost a year since we started. The numbers increased from two lakh to 1 million kids on our platform. The idea is to create a world-class solution. There are three types of learners - sharp learners, slow learners and average learners. Even slow learners with the adaptiveness of the solution can become sharp learners or average learners.

Plans to scale up business

The company is working on a B-B model. But we want to collaborate with bigger organisations and people who are creating impact and further make it a B-C model. There is a phobia of mathematics in the country. The path is tough and there is a lot of competition, but no one is providing solutions the way Matific is giving.

I don't want to quantify the number here because the sky is the limit. With a very small team in the country, we have created a very big impact.

Biggest challenge

I can list two. The first challenge pertains to schools since they have a certain budget and are consumed with a lot of work. For them, adapting a solution and merging it with the curriculum is a very challenging task. But our solution is synchronised with their curriculum, and they are adapting our solution. But when it comes to kids, the biggest challenge is screen time and parents are concerned about that. But in our case, we can time it out. So, there will be a task that will be assigned by teachers and certain time will be allotted to students so they can complete the task.

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