Executive Education: Prioritize The Customization Of Content—Personalize And Make Practical

Executive Education is formal learning specifically designed for working executives who cannot afford to invest time in a regular course.

Learning is a continuous process. It leads to the development of a person into a better professional and also a better human being. Learning can be formal as well as informal-so you go to college and learn in a classroom or observe something on the road and learn-it all go to add to your body of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. There’s a saying –“the day you stop learning, you stop growing”. Anybody who wants to grow must keep on learning both formally and informally.

Executive Education is formal learning specifically designed for working executives who cannot afford to invest time in a regular course. Traditionally called Distance Learning or Part Time Courses, Executive Education has gone through a sea change and using state-of-the-art technology, it is fast emerging as the preferred choice of executives around the globe.

Business Management Schools today are one of the major providers of Executive Education. This is being offered in a variety of ways- Distance Learning, Online Learning, Weekend Courses, Combinations of all these etc. Effective dissemination of knowledge is taking place and working people are able to learn as per their convenience and acquire certifications/diplomas that will help them in career growth. Large corporations offer such programmes to their executives as incentives to help them grow within the organization. This works as a good retention strategy.

The secret of success of an Executive Education programme lies in customization of content based on the specific requirements of the Client Organization thereby making it personalized and practical. The focus of such programmes has to be upskilling/upgrading the participants in specific domains such that they are able to use the learning from such courses at their workplaces and effectively contribute to their respective company’s growth and development. Customized programmes on Finance for Non-Finance Professionals or MS Excel Training to Non-IT Executives are some very common examples of practical and tailor-made offerings. This aspect assumes further significance where cross-functional teams have to work together to accomplish a particular project or achieve a specific goal. 

Technology has emerged as a complete game changer for Executive Education. It has enabled anytime anywhere learning- flexibility that is essential for busy working professionals. Presented below are some of the distinctive features of the present day Online Executive Education that make it very attractive to working executives:

Anytime Anywhere Learning

It is a flexible option that allows you to learn anytime and from any location. Thanks to the digital revolution, you can log on to a Virtual Classroom from any part of the world. The facility of combining virtual classroom with physical contact classes is another solid advantage that these courses can offer. In case you miss a session due to some professional/personal exigency, no problem-archives will be made available to you!

Self Paced Learning

Another type of courses that are redefining old paradigms are the Self-paced Learning modules. These are internet based courses where you can learn without an instructor at your own convenience. Many of these courses in evolving disciplines like Big Data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer free enrolments. In the absence of a facilitator and any kind of timelines, the onus of learning and completing the course rests solely with the learner. This mode is certainly for the self-driven, highly motivated individuals.

Cost Effective Learning

These courses are generally low priced/affordable so not a big burden on the pocket. All major banks/finance companies generally offer attractive educational loans on big-ticket programmes.

Global Learning

These courses bring global learning from top institutions from around the world to your desktop/laptop. All major US Universities/B-Schools have local tie-ups/chapters to impart Executive Education in India. It is a big market for them and a great opportunity for Indian Working Executives.

Hybrid Programmes

These are models that combine online learning with brick and mortar classroom sessions. Here you do most of the course through online mode but some portion of the course is done on the Campus. This way, working professionals get a feel of the Campus and physical classroom and are able to interact with faculty members and fellow students in person. This small capsule also offers a break from daily routine for them.

FORE School of Management, New Delhi has been working in this area since its inception offering a wide variety of Management Development Programmes (MDPs) and Executive Education Programmes. These are delivered in the form of Open Enrollment Programmes where different companies nominate their executives to attend the MDPs and as In-company training programmes where programmes are designed based on specific requirements of the corporate clients and delivered exclusively for that particular company.

Training Need Analysis (TNA) is the backbone of any successful customized training programme. FORE School places great emphasis on TNA and the programme content and pedagogy is designed in close consultation with the Client Organizations.

FORE School has also ventured into Online Executive Education Programmes and has been successfully conducting a variety of courses keeping the practical learning aspect of its offerings in view such that participants are able to apply the learning from these courses to their workplaces and become more effective at their jobs.

One such example is FORE School’s hands-on Certification Course on Big Data Analytics for Business and Management. This programme offers an opportunity to all its participants to explore the ever-evolving world of Big Data and Data analytics and learn the art and science of Predictive Analytics which is the need of practically every business house these days.

In addition to these specialized programmes, FORE is also offering customized Executive Management Programme (EMP) to select companies to help their executives equip themselves with managerial skills to better manage their portfolios and also become eligible for higher positions of responsibility. These programmes are available as fully online programmes or a blended format where an online portion is supplemented with physical contact classes. Such programmes are attracting participation from around the globe thus ensuring an understanding of the global business world and best practices.

The horizons are expanding and therefore the focus of Executive Execution needs to be sharper than ever. 

This article was published in BW Education issue dated 'Nov. 20, 2018' with cover story titled 'BW Education Issue Nov-Dec 2018'

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