Experiential Learning Should Start From Early Age

Education should enable a child to upskill themselves and take wonderful personalities out of them, says Chaitra Harsha, CEO, National Public School ITPL, in an interaction with BW Education

How has been your journey with the organisation?

I am a Scientist, PhD from the Indian Institute of Science and an entrepreneur. The opportunities within the education sector attracted me to be part of this and I have been part of a lot of edtech companies for a decade, mentoring them and trying to integrate them with mainstream education.

What is the role of NEP in increasing innovation among students?

NEP can bring about a structured education system in India which is very scattered. Now, students want to have a global outlook and they want to have the best education. Basic education till XII matters a lot. So, NEP will bring in that kind of foundation in the early years. NEP will enable this framework of education till grade XII. So, children get different exposure to different fields.

How can we shift the mindset of students from rote learning to innovation and skills?

Experiential learning should start from an early age. Nowadays everyone is talking about skill-based learning. As a scientist, I want to bring experiential learning in science and maths. These are two subjects where children lose interest as they find these subjects difficult.

What is your philosophy on education?

Every child should be given an opportunity to explore himself till grade XII. After the age of 16 children stop exploring and that's the biggest problem. So, education should enable a child to upskill themselves and take wonderful personalities out of them.

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