FIIT JEE Punjabi Bagh (Delhi) Centre Organized ‘Green Fest’

The fest was aimed to sensitise sensitize the students on their responsibility towards the environment and the planet “EARTH".

FIITJEE Punjabi Bagh Centre organized “GREEN FEST” with the objective to sensitize the students on their responsibility towards the environment and the planet “EARTH”. World Environment Day, which began in 1974, is a principle vehicle of United Nations to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment. 

The environmental challenges that we face today are essentially driven by human behaviour and/or their action arising out of ignorance and insensitivity. With growing concern over air quality, this year’s theme has been to “Beat Air Pollution”. The “GREEN FEST” was attended by students of Class VII & VIII along with their parents. It was a 3-hour session conducted expert faculty members of FIITJEE Punjabi Bagh Centre in which the students were:

Movie Screening: To promote learning through observation, so that they start observing their surrounding and be little proactive in keeping it under check.

Tasked to prepare a TERRARIUM: A fun-filled activity wherein the students were asked to prepare a terrarium i.e. setup a terrestrial plant in glass pot using soil, moss and manure so that children are encouraged to take kitchen gardening.

Encouraged to participate in a Fashion Show: In this, the children were tasked to represent any element of nature. Objective was to assess a child’s observation about the environment, innovativeness and presentation thus encouraging critical thinking and understanding about the various elements of natural resources.

Poster Making: The theme for poster preparation was “SAVE EARTH” i.e. to portray “how to save earth from pollution” in which only water and pastel colours were used. Here students were assessed on their creativity, expression, sense of colour usage and the message that is being conveyed through the poster.

Riddles on Environment: Encouraging them to apply learned concepts.

Sensitized and encouraged children to appear in GREEN OLYMPIAD: It is an annual written examination on environment initiated by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in 1999. The exam is conducted by Environment Education & Awareness Area (EEA) of TERI and attracts participation from school students across India & abroad. Students enrolled in affiliated school from grades IV to X can appear in this examination. 

Parents & Faculty members of FIITJEE too participated in “GREEN FEST” wherein they were encouraged to create a “GREEN WALL” i.e. to write a slogan, quote or paint using their creativity.

“Today, we are facing a lot of environmental challenges and the best way we thought we can contribute towards this mission, is by educating children (our future generation) so that they act with responsibility and help people in their surroundings to act responsibly. And that’s how we can bring about a mass awareness. At FIITJEE we encourage children of junior classes to develop their creativity & critical thinking skills for wholesome learning and some flavour of that was added in the fest too”, said Partha Halder, Centre Head, FIITJEE Punjabi Bagh Centre.

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