Flame University Organises Mock Parliament For Students

The event was organised by the FLAME Centre for Legislative Education and Research in association with the Parliamentary Research Service

FLAME University recently held a mock parliament, for which the FLAME Centre for Legislative Education and Research and the Parliamentary Research Service (PRS) collaborated. The event drew over 100 students, divided into more than 25 teams across 10 fields of study, including law, commerce, engineering, public policy, international relations, english and liberal arts, from more than 10 different institutes in Pune. 

Through the mock parliament, the students demonstrated their understanding of the legislative process. Conducted in English, Hindi and Marathi, the event gave young minds an opportunity to take on the roles of legislators, ministers and the speaker, showcasing their skills and knowledge to better comprehend the workings of the Indian parliament.

The mock parliament started off with an icebreaker that was conducted by PRS. The Fields of View’s Constitution Exercise gave students an opportunity to understand the constitution's various provisions and the PRS-led Parliament Bootcamp provided them with the information and skills necessary to engage in the mock parliament.

The second half of the day witnessed a mock parliament, starting with question hour, followed by resolution discussion and voting on universal basic income. The event culminated in bill discussion and voting on the Data Protection Bill, where each team answered as a ministry during the question hour. The participants showcased their expertise and abilities. 

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